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DSPS201 Product highlight:


1.Noise-Free and Ride Smooth - In this Market our 100mm scooter wheels equiped with ABEC-9 bearing + Hard/Durable 88A High Rebound premium urethane.
2. Quality Bearing - ABEC-9 Bearing Represent glide speed,market always have abec-5 or 7,whatever for skatepark or street the bearing will bring you more and let you follow your heart to learn or do more scooter tricks.
3.Suitable Scooters - The 100mm scooter wheels fit all pro scooter with 100mm wheels,such Razor ,fuzion X-3,MGP VX7,vokul S1 S2,Lucky etc


Product Spec.

  • Type: Scooter Aluminium wheel
  • Material: Aluminium, PU
  • ABEC-9 bearing, 88A high rebound PU
  • Size: 100mm
  • Weight: 220g
  • CE/ROHS Test Certificates



  • Price in this listing is EXW China price, not including global shipping price
  • Please check with DDS Sales Manager to confirm shipping price before ordering
  • If you need to purchase a sample, kindly choose sample option in this listing

100mm Metal Scooter Wheels Replacement

Color: Black